2012 – My New Chapter

So…. I know its cliche to make the traditional resolution to diet and exercize in the new year. But I feel that this year is so fresh and clean, and I truly want to enjoy it.

I have restructured my family’s eating habits, less fats and sugars. More lean protien…. you know the way you are supposed to. I am so proud of my girls, every night they ask for dessert and when I ask them what they want they ask for fruit! (And chocolate milk)

I have been very good about taking my daily multi-vitamins and my calcium supplement. I have also added a collagen supplement called Calorad MG (if you want to learn more about that check it out here)! 

I also have been drinking meal replacement shakes for breakfast, cut out excess Hot Cocoa (my addiction), I drink juice (oj, cranberry and Acai) as well as take a weekly Vitamin D.

I also have a Green Tea and Acai berry supplement…. but I am not sure about it, it makes me hyper (too much caffine). Once I have grounded these habits really well I plan to add an exercise routine too. 

I already take the dogs out every night and romp with them. But I want to do more.

My sister and I are keeping each other motivated via Facebook. We gave each other our dimensions (no I am not posting those… but I will post a starting pic!) My goal is to loose 50 lbs by May. May and June are full of family trips and weddings so I want to look good 🙂

So…. here we go!