How Do YOU Social Media?

This question came to mind after reading a seiries of email about work this morning. And I felt compelled to write about it and share my thoughts on the subject (Yes, taking 15… Continue reading

Dreaming of a not to distant future…

Need a wake up call…

So…. I need to find a way to bounce out of bed when my alarm goes off in the morning… instead of setting it an hour earlier than I need to get up… Continue reading

Happy 4th of July

07_Toby_Keith_-_Courtesy_Of_The_Red,_White_&_Blue_(The_Angry_American).mp3 Listen on Posterous 11_-_God_Bless_The_Usa.mp3 Listen on Posterous  

Tattoo idea for birthday 2011

There is a method to my madness… faith- is the ultimatum ‘ask. believe. recieve.’ gemini – me, good and bad, left and right, positive and negative – balance Enso – It symbolizes the… Continue reading


Love these little guys…tokidoki

my b’day is around the corner…. I want these and SIMS3 for PC… anybody? See the full gallery on Posterous

Out in the world learning new things, tr

Out in the world learning new things, trying new experiences, loving life to its fullest – why would you choose a path otherwise? Take the road less traveled, stop to smell the roses,… Continue reading

April Showers bring May Flowers

I have watched the rain fall enjoyed the many puddles I have spun in circles beneath the rain clouds enjoyed every drop… but the rain has turned into a storm I seek shelter… Continue reading

My New Dream Board

Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 2007 with 3rd row seat and sunroof[[posterous-content:pid___3]] Living and Dining furniture…a shabby, modern chic kinda look…mixing old with new, wood with metal and glass [[posterous-content:pid___4]] Kitchen Improvments…for my dream kitchen…some… Continue reading