Happy Christmas to All!! From Mine to Yours.

h… a nip in the air… brr. It makes you grab onto the lapels of your jacket and bring them in close even if only for a moment. Your breath hangs in the… Continue reading

Today I woke up…

feeling… well just feeling actually. Sad, happy, overwhelmed, delighted, lonely, crowded… with all that and more one doesn’t really know how to feel anymore. I know its the holiday season… but it doesn’t… Continue reading

being thankful… one time a year???

Why do we wait until one day out of the whole year to supposedly be thankful for everything we have in our lives… and if you think about it… that tradition kind of… Continue reading

November 13…2005!!!!

This is the day my b-e-a-u-tiful daughter Aimee Renae was born!!!!! My 7lbs 15oz. 20 3/4″ long and stunning bundle of joy!!!! She is a huge part of my world, she amazes me… Continue reading

Hmmm… religion…

My husband has always been a christian. But since his scare in April he has dived further into it. And even more so since his mom and brother moved in. They are big… Continue reading

…but we are still moving forward…

so yea, we all know that this economy sucks. But we have to keep moving forward… standing still will only make things worse. But I feel so guilty about all the help I… Continue reading

this economy sucks…

I hate the economy… but then who doesn’t. Think positive… the gas is under $2.40/gallon, my rent is $400 cheaper than it used to be, my credit cards are paid off…now I got to… Continue reading

My, my, my…

I realized that the last time I posted anything about my hubby’O’mine was quite a while ago and it expressed that well… we weren’t doing to hot. Well, we are doing as well… Continue reading

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”

But then even humpty dumpty had all the kings horses and all the kings men to help him get back together again. Friendship can be an awful lot like marriage if you think… Continue reading

inner reflection from outer sources…

My sister asked “Am I absorbing all that life has to offer?” I think the flowers have mastered this and we should always stop and smell the roses…talk to the daisies? Alice: I beg… Continue reading